Promo Code

A factor that seems to be quite popular on the internet is the offer of casino promo codes. These are codes which some players use when they want to play at a specific casino and they need to be redeemed in return for offers and bonuses.

What Are Promo Codes?

Promo codes are a form of giveaway which apply to a specific casino that is offering it. It is the short form for a promotion code which clearly explains what it is. These can be found on a variety of different platforms on the internet. Some sites are strictly dedicated to just listing promo codes for various casinos and gambling platforms that are willing to accept them.

What Are the Purposes of Promo Codes?

As the name implies, promotion codes serve the purpose of promoting a particular gambling platform. They are commonly used by gambling establishments such as casino sites, poker sites and, on occasions, sports betting sites.

At the same time, there are casino and bingo sites such as which do not offer these codes. This is because we do not see a need to run this type of promotion and instead, we have decided to put our efforts into running a variety of deals that don’t require the use of a specific code to capitalise on them.

How Are They Used?

For those who are interested in finding and using promo codes, there are some steps which they have to go through. Firstly, they will have to search online for the term ‘casino promo codes’ or codes for the specific category of gambling site they are interested in. This will usually lead to many websites via the major search engines.

Then, the consumer will have to go through the listings to see what each of these bonus codes has to offer. The individual will then choose one of interest and click on the relevant link which will take the potential customer to the gambling platform which it applies to.

From here, that particular site will then give further instructions on how to use the code in order to trigger its benefit. In some cases, the consumer will find when they go to deposit at a casino, they will be asked if they have a promo code. If not, then they may have to go back to a search engine and find one.

While these used to be quite common, more and more casinos are doing away with promo codes. doesn’t believe that they have to use this type of promotional tactic and a number of other gambling platforms also think this way.

Now, when promo code seekers go to some of the sites advertising them, they will see a list of casinos. The list will not show a specific code but instead, it will say ‘no code needed’. Those sites go on to list some of the promotions that different sites are offering, and the link simply takes them to the gambling platform where they are available.

Some casinos use what are called ‘affiliates’ to help them promote their casino products. Promo codes were, at one time, a resource which the affiliates could use, that would draw traffic to their site, so that they could promote the different gambling platforms they were affiliated with. When a visitor used a promo code, then the affiliate would get credit for driving a client to the gambling platform.

Now, it may be that even though the affiliate is not getting credit through a promo code, they will still be recognised by referring the customer.

The Pros of Using Promo Codes

Sometimes gambling platforms will make these promo codes exclusive only to certain users and only those players who use that code will be able to access the deal.

That is a plus point if you happen to be one of the chosen few who has been able to find the code in question.

The Downsides of Using Promo Codes

There are times when the promo code is necessary, but they are not always compulsory. In some cases, the gambling site in question may just be using the promo codes for tracking purposes. For example, they may just want to test how a particular marketing platform is working.

When an individual is signing up for the promotion, whether they have a code or not shouldn’t matter and at, they are still allowed to make use of the promotion without it. For the most part, if a gambling platform is not making a promo code mandatory, then it is just a waste of the player’s time. realises that casino and bingo players want to get down to business and to play the games as soon as possible. They do not want to have to go through the extra steps of having to find bonus codes and implementing them.

Why Do Some Casinos Not Use Promo Codes?

Quality and established gambling platforms such as do not feel the need to use promo codes, because they are efficient at marketing their promotions without them. As mentioned, we simply do not want to waste the client’s time.

Instead, we have chosen to put the time and effort into developing a variety of different types of bonuses, before marketing these directly from our site. At it is just a matter of going to the promotional section and checking out what is on offer at any specific time. Then, when a player finds a promotion that applies to them, it is just a matter of a few easy steps to put it into action. has been providing casino and bingo products to enthusiastic players for many years, and we know exactly what our customers need. We prefer to make offers and promotions available for all players, not just a selected few, so there is no need to look for a bonus code because they are simply not needed.