Deposit Bonus

The online gambling industry is one that is very competitive and operators have to constantly come up with new ideas to draw players to their sites. One of the effective ways they will do this is through bonuses and a popular option at is the deposit bonus.

What is A Deposit Bonus? is a gambling portal that not only offers Bingo but also casino play along with live casino. We always like to welcome new customers and to do this, we have designed a deposit bonus which can be used across all of our gaming platforms.

This offer can also be referred to as a ‘sign up bonus’ and it comes with a choice of two options which vary, depending on how much the individual player wishes to deposit. What this site does is set two deposit minimums that will allow a player to take advantage of the bonuses and both options come with some added incentives.

For example, one minimum deposit may allow the new player access to their free bingo section for a limited period while the platform may give players a specific amount of bonus funds. How much will depend on which deposit option the player has chosen to add and depending on the figure chosen, there may also be some free spins on the slots.

What is the Purpose of this Bonus?

There are several purposes to this bonus and the first is to attract new players to the website. Everyone likes to receive a freebie so bonus funds and free play are exciting for most players, especially when adds even more value.

Another reason for the deposit bonus is to provide players with more opportunities for winning when playing at the site. Most people start with a limited amount of money for their gambling entertainment and this doesn’t always allow them to experience the many different casino products that a site like this one has to offer.

With providing bonus funds to play with, it allows for more opportunity to try other games. It also gives players extra chances of winning thanks to these bonus funds.

How Can Players Use it to Their Best Advantage

Every player that receives a deposit bonus like the one offered by will use it in different ways. Some will try placing bigger bets than they would normally because they have the extra funds to allow for this. For example, a player may decide to use the extra funds on one of the more lucrative slot machines. For bingo players, they may feel more comfortable playing in rooms where the cards cost more or they may feel they can buy more cards to increase their chances of a win.

Other players are more conservative with their free money. They will keep to the same gambling pattern that they would normally carry out without the extra funds from the deposit bonus. This way it gives them more time to stay on the site and enjoy their favourite games.

It doesn’t matter which method an individual uses when it comes to these bonus funds. It’s all designed to make playing at even more enjoyable.

What are the Rules and Regulations

All bonuses issued by gambling firms will have certain terms and conditions attached and that’s the case at We suggest you check all of these in full but please pay particular attention to the playthrough rule. This means that customers will need to play through their deposit amount a certain number of times before they can withdraw any profits.

For example, if a player is required to deposit £100 to get £100 in bonus funds that is a total of £200 to play with. The casino may require them to play this through 5 times which means that the player would have to place £1,000 worth of bets before they were able to withdraw any winnings. These figures and playthrough amounts are just examples. has the specific numbers posted in their deposit bonus rules as well as the remaining terms and conditions that apply.

The rules that are in place are important as they help to safeguard the gambling platform. Without them, some people would just join a site to take advantage of the deposit bonus then once it was used, they would move on to somewhere else. These deposit bonuses cost the casinos money, but it is worth the cost if they can successfully use it to attract more clients and retain them.’s deposit bonus is very popular because it is flexible and it has good value attached to it. At the same time, we know that existing clients need looking after too and we do this with a range of other bonuses and promotions.

By giving players enough time to enjoy the site by having extra to play with it works to the benefit of the brand itself. Players will get a taste of what is available across all platforms by having a chance to try some of the games they may not have played otherwise.

Sometimes, just having the bonus funds which mean they can play for longer, helps players to build friendships through the chat rooms that are available in the bingo halls. This, in itself, is quite important to a lot of our customers who like to socialise when gambling online.