Anyone that is going to play at an online casino or bingo platform will be looking out for any bonuses that may be offered. For those who are interested in playing at, they will not be disappointed with what this gambling platform has listed in terms of bonus deals.

What Are Bonuses?

Bonuses are a special deal that an online gambling portal like will give to its players in order to add value to their account. In many cases, these can be for first-time players as a thank you for signing up.

They can vary, but this gaming platform always makes sure that their bonuses have great value attached to them. These offers can change at any specific time, and it is up to the site itself to determine what the bonus will be and when to change them. 

Types of Bonuses

The most common types of bonuses are often referred to as welcome bonus deals. This will typically require the customer to register with the site and to then deposit a specific amount of money. If you are looking for a bonus of this kind then the deals offered by will generally follow this format. Once those requirements are met, the platform may offer a certain amount of bonus money based on the amount of the deposit that was made. likes to be flexible with their bonuses. What we may do is offer more than one welcome bonus, so that new players have a choice. The differences may lie in the amount of money that is required to be deposited and the extras that follow.

As well as bonus funds, we may offer other types of incentives.

The platform may also give special discounts or giveaways so that new players can experience other activities and games that are taking place on the site. For example, part of the welcome bonus may provide a certain number of free spins to be used on any of the slot games.

Alternatively, those spins may relate to a specific slot. At other times, some free bingo play may be up for grabs.

No matter what the welcome bonus consists of at, players can count on it having great value and the opportunity to explore some great bingo and casino games.

Terms and Conditions

Any of the bonuses being offered can be expected to have terms and conditions applied and these can vary depending on the offer in question. Once specific rule may indicate that the bonus has to be used within a certain time limit or that it is only available on certain days. Other bonuses may have no such time limit involved.

One of the more common terms and conditions is referred to as playthrough. This is a point that most casinos will have in place and are no exception.

An example of a playthrough is as follows:

A Welcome bonus may require the player to deposit a minimum amount to qualify for the offer. When a player does this, the casino will match this amount with bonus funds and this is the point where the playthrough kicks in.

The deposit and the extra funds would be added together and the total figure has to be played through by a specified number of times. Multiply the total sum by the number of playthroughs to find out the overall stake that is required.

Winnings that are accumulated during this playthrough period cannot be withdrawn, but they are available for gameplay. Each casino will have its own rules as to how many times the money has to be played through or whether the deposit is included in the total amount or just the bonus funds. In other cases only a percentage of the money will be required to be played through.

It is really important for every player to understand the terms and conditions that are being applied to a bonus. If there is anything that might be confusing about this type of deal, the confusion is likely to involve the rules that are attached to it. makes sure that the terms and conditions applicable to each of their bonuses are easy to find and easy to read and understand but if you have any queries, you can simply get in touch with customer services.

Different Types of Bonuses

While the welcome offer is the most common type of bonus, there are several others and these include:

  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Sticky bonuses
  • Bonus funds
  • Matched bonuses

Each of these will have specific terms and conditions attached. Usually, the casino platforms will choose to offer the best bonus that they feel is going to bring them the biggest set of new customers — keeping in mind that some of these bonuses are for current players as well.

In some cases, the bonuses in question may not be specifically referred to as ‘bonuses’. They may be called ‘promotions’ but essentially, it all amounts to the same thing – an incentive designed to add more value to your account.

Best Way to Use Bonuses

Players who want to make the most of their bonuses should strategically plan how to use them. For example, if the bonus includes free spins on the slots, then players could use these for slot games that they haven’t tried before. If the bonus gives you extra funds, then planning to use at least some of this on new games may allow you to play titles that you may not have otherwise tried.

Often players are reluctant to use their deposit money on new games because they are not comfortable with this. They may not fully understand the gameplay and are naturally concerned about losing their money too fast.

Others may place higher bets with bonus funds in the hope of landing a big return which would get their account off to a fabulous, winning start.

Not everyone wants to take advantage of the bonuses and it’s important to remember that they are not compulsory. Some may be reluctant to play through the funds a certain number of times and they will therefore opt out of the offer.

The best way to look at any bonus is to understand that it provides the opportunity to get used to the platform and to maybe try out games that you wouldn’t have otherwise played. It is, literally, a ‘bonus’ and, if used in the right way, it can add value and excitement to your new account.